Plastic Piping Systems for hot and cold installations.


IDSA is a dynamic customer-committed company that offers one of the best alternatives onthe market by providing comprehensive plumbing and heating solutions.

Since 2009 IDSA, thanks to a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, has been designing and manufacturing its own flexible systems for A.C.S, press-fittings and

sliding collars for multilayer pipes (MULTISAPRESS) and PEX-A Engel (SAPRESXPRESS -SAPRESS).

All of our systems feature a fully inclusive range of accessories and measurements, meeting the most stringent quality standards and are certified and approved by AENOR.


Our objectives are based on the continuous improvement of performance as well as service, endeavouring to establish a long-term business relationship with our customers to generate a feeling of trust and guaranteed success.

Our values focus on adding value to the whole distribution chain by means of quality and flexibility thanks to partnerships with suppliers, customers and installers in order to achieve common goals.